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Thread: Head cleaning in lancs

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    As the title said, anyone recomend anywhere in Lancashire/greater manchester that does a good head/track clean and doesnt take ages

    I only have a week 1/2 before i need the camera again, so need it doing quickly, ive spoke to a few places and they want to send it off and say about 2 weeks

    its only a VX2100, so nothing too specialist i wouldnt have said, i just dont feel confident enough doing it myself


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    I have 3 cameras here at present and I just use bog standard head cleaning tapes (have been for the past 5 years), never had a problem with any of them. If I had sent them off every time I needed the heads cleaned it would have cost me a fortune. Unless the camcorder is showing other signs of wear and tear and might need special attention, I would just clean it myself. Stick the tape in, play it for 12 seconds, stop and take it out. I do it about every 3 months depending on how much shooting/playing back I have need to do.

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    Same here - use a cleaning tape. That usually sorts most things.

    Opinions vary on when to use with some saying every time you use the camera and others saiying only when u have to.

    I tend to the latter opinion resononing that cleaning is an abrasive process and shouldnt be over done.

    Watch out for drop outs - more than one a tape and a clean may be needed.

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    I do use a head cleaning cassette, but as mentioned, dont want to use it often, and the trouble with filming motorsport is that i am taking the camera out week after week in the rain and dust, no matter how much you cover the camera, it seems to get in there eventually

    Which is why i wanted to give it a proper clean now, otherwise i will just be pushing all the crap round the track

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    You could try getting some ethyl alchohol from the chemist, removing the tape door and cleaning the heads and guides yourself with suede Qtip head cleaners.
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    I wouldn't recommend using cleaning heads anyway,

    You could always try an underwater casing for your camera, that should keep all of the dust out,

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