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    Hello All,

    Using P6.5, editing a project as you do, i have a music track playing and i want to fade that out when it reaches my next clip, so i can hear the speech but still have the music playing in the background. i use the rubber bands and all is well . Then,playing from the timeline the music stay a constant volume, as if i have not adjusted the R bands but if i scrub you can hear the music fade. Any ideas, solutions or is it a have to live with bug?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure how Permiere 6.5 works in this respects. Sounds almost like it need to 'render' doesn't it? Maybe it is playing the sound back from a cached copy without the adjustments applied or something. Any coloured bands above the audio or video?

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    This happens to me sometimes in Premiere 6, but when I close Premiere then re-open it and load up the same project it works as usual.
    It doesn't seem to help if I go to the menu and ask it to "render audio" or do a normal preview, the only way it sorts itself out is a re-start.
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    What about changing the render preview to be saved on the scratch disc rather than the RAM?
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    Many thanks Guys for answering my call, i tried the re-start method and that works fine, i have since faded other audio tracks and have not had the same problem, just one of those things i'd guess.

    i keep my video and audio preview files on my scratch disk in seperate folders.

    Again many thanks all.

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