Hey guys, I work as a sound designer for a web based production company called Patchwork Box and i'm currently looking for animators and filmakers to work with (free of charge).

Here is an example of the fields in which we work…

composition - radio, film &TV, documentaries, jingles, theatre.
sound design - foley, editing, sound design, recording, ADR, mixing.
creative content - script writing, voice acting, radio play production.

we also offer location recording within the leeds or london area. For elsewhere travelling costs would need to be taken into account.

unfortunately we are unable to host examples of sound design on the site at the moment but i have youtube links if needed.

If you want anymore information or are interested then PM me or check out the site: http://www.patchworkbox.com.

Thanks, Rob

Robert Timms
Head of Audio Production

Patchwork Box Productions