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    I am helping to run a charity event and am looking to work with individuals or organisations who could see benefit in supporting our cause. In particular I am looking for video footage to be captured of the event.

    So if you are looking to practice/hone video skills it's a rare opportunity to gain access to a premier league ground - especially for any West Ham supporters

    I would specifically be looking for a number of video operators (complete with equipment) who could shoot from the gantry or touchline.

    More details below.

    An Opportunity to Video a football event at West Ham's Premier league football ground

    There is a charity event on the 25th May 2009 (Bank Holiday Monday) which will comprise a full day of football (over 10 hours). The day will consist of continuous football comprising male veteran's teams (7 hours) followed by children's teams. There will be 5 veterans teams, two international with some ex-professionals included

    There will be over 250 players supported by family, friends and on-the-day sales. The audience is expected to be between 750 - 1500 people. The event is due to be reported on various local and national radio, and also in the Daily Telegraph.

    The organisers are looking for video to be captured of the matches, potentially with full editing and DVD creation - although the later could be outsourced. We have secured access to the television gantry system etc

    As this is a charity event the organisers are looking to limit costs, and so are looking for people or organisations that would see this as either a charitable act, an opportunity for training/education or as an addition to their portfolio to attract or support future business opportunities

    There would be an opportunity to sell DVDs and recoup costs or make a small profit. The target market is probably in the order of 100 to 150 copies.

    The charities supported are namely: Kent Kids Miles Of Smiles (Reg 1018320) and Little Havens Children's Hospice (Reg 1022119). The charities provide support to severely disabled or terminally ill children

    Would anyone keen to support this event please contact Ron Argent at Tel:07882236526

    More details of the event can be found at Kings Hill Rovers F.C. - Where the dream never dies
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    Ron - tbh we often get people asking for people to work for free.

    I wouldnt hold your breath.

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