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Thread: Sony Vegas Movie Studio question

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    Default Sony Vegas Movie Studio question

    I downloaded the demo for the Sony software. In my video, the audio and video are out of synch. Can Sony Vegas correct that?


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    Yes .

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    Thanks, Grazie, can you tell me how? The Sony Help said the program automatically recognizes if it's out of sync, but it didn't for my video.


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    Vegas will recognise when YOU make an out of sync edit. It wont recognise if you bring IN already out of sync media. But you may also have an issue with latency on viewing your work against the audio. SO, another factor to consider too.

    Your first questions was can Vegas correct it? and the Answer is YES.

    Your subsequent statement/question was that you read Vegas can correct it? Your first and second questions/statements are not dependant on each other. If the video and audio were out of sync to start with OR were made out of sync prior to bringing onto the Vegas timeline then NO, Vegas would be unaware of the sync issue. But, with careful editing VEgas CAN re-sync what it hasn't recognised. Do you see the difference?

    In the normal way if editing, Vegas WILL tell you if AFTER you have done some editing that the work that it is out of sync. With Vegas Pro9 out of sync stuff is highlighted by turning PINK.

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    I'm not sure I fully understand. First you say Vegas can't correct if the out of synch condition already existed and then that it CAN correct what it hasn't recognized. My only purpose for using Vegas at this point is to correct the synch. How can that be done?


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    1] Select Clip

    2] Hit "U" for Ungroup. Now your Video is not connected to your audio. You now have 2 choices: EITHER extend the video - stretch it - OR the audio. If the video, it slows down, if the stretch the audio you need to adjust the way you stretch this otherwise you will get a lower note/tone.

    Up to you.

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    Actually, what IS it you are trying to re-sync? An interview? Dancing? What exactly?

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    Thanks again, Grazie. I can now stretch either audio or video, but it's a clumsy process. The best I can do is move either about 1 16th of an inch - too much. I actually need something that gives me control over milleseconds.

    A friend has some DVDs with bands from the '40s and '50s and asked me to create a disc with only his favorites. I extracted the individual videos using VirtualDub, but the result is out of synch.


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    Well, up to now I was thinking along your lines . .. and still this way, You now need to switch-off Quantize to frames and this will give you total "slippage" control. Up to now you were STILL adjusting to the FRAMES of the video. Once switched off you'll be good to go!

    Now then, you said you got this stuff off of a DVD. Hmmm... now I am thinking maybe slippage thru' VD?

    You CAN bring DVDs straight into Vegas. No need to suffer the possibility of something going crook in the meantime.

    What version of VEgas? Never mind . .

    File > Import > DVD Camcorder Disc

    Plop the DVD in the connected player/burner and this should get the files directly INTO VEgas.

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    That was a good suggestion, Grazie. I imported it directly and there is no time lag. Virtual Dub was the culprit. Now that's solved and I can play with the Sony software for a while. Thanks again.


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