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Thread: problems burning dvd with ulead studio

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    Default problems burning dvd with ulead studio

    ok so i'm kinda confused about this. in ulead studio can you burn a dvd from the video editing studeo section? i click over to the share tab and set it to make a dvd video, but instead it just give me a movie clip file that nero dosen't seem to be able to recoginse. i guess i'm just asking how do you make a ulead video into a dvd? i tryed loading the video in the ulead disc burning, movie making section of the priogram, but when i did that it started trying to convert the file i made like any other burning software does. i mean i guess its kind of a stupied question, but i mean like, i missing something here?...seriously

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    The DVD burning module in VideoStudio is separate to the editing section. generally once you have totally finished all your editing it is a good idea to go to the "Share" tab and choose to create a DVD compliant MPEG2 file.
    It is very important that you choose DVD compliant MPEG2 for either PAL or NTSC depending on what TV system you are using.
    Once you have created that file (and remembered where it is!) go to "File" and start a new project.
    The purpose of that is to clear the timeline totally.
    Now go directly to the "Share" tab again and choose to "Create Disc."
    That's when the burning module opens.
    Now choose the top left icon under the "Add Media" heading to add video files. Navigate to the MPEG2 file you created then click to add it.
    On the bottom left of the DVD module there is a little "Cogwheel" icon. Click that and make sure that the properties showing there EXACTLY match the properties of the MPEG2 file you imported.
    That is very important because if they don't match then VS is assuming you want to match them and will, as part of the burning process, re-render the entire file to those properties.
    Follow the prompts from there and you should be good to go.

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