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    I have a serious problem. well, i made a short video and rendered it to see what it would look like, because when i try to render videos for some strange reason, the dimensions get extremly small and when i try to play them back on my computer.... The audio is present but you cannot see the video, is there any way i can fix this? There's a project i've been working hard on and it would be devestating if my video turned out like that. And in the example below, i wasn't really trying to render it (just needed an example). Could this be because I selected the NTSC standard 720*486 format? I thought that was a common format to use :/ This is extremly aggrivating and quite frankly, i have no idea how to fix this.
    Here's an Example of what i'm talking about:

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    Can you give as much info as you can about the source video.
    How recorded?
    On what?
    Where from?

    Sometimes wonky video data can cause wierd stuff like this.

    Also post project and render settings if you can.

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    well the project settings were set to be at NTSC standard 720*486, and i didn't download the videos anywhere i havn't before if thats what you mean. the frame rate is set to 29.970 (NTSC), and the full resolution rendering quality is set to 'Good' however i find it strange when i change it to best it actually gets worse :s, the pixel aspect ratio is 0.9091 (NTSC DV). I really don't know what could be the problem, maybe its just that the video is too big? when i changed it to Multimedia (320x240, 15.000 fps) the resolution didn't change during rendering. Its blows me away that the video can't show up, i honestly don't think i've changed the property settings to have it behave this way.

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    i didn't download the videos anywhere i havn't before if thats what you mean

    I can't speak for Mark but that wouldn't have been what I meant. There were 4 questions about the source footage 3 of which you didn't actually answer with the above statement.

    My son's into wrestling, so I'm guessing we have a WWE Diva match here, right?

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    Yes, it is a Divas' match in the above snapshot. But he asked for information about the rendering settings and i thought i answered them. I don't actually understand what was being asked so i answered the best i could.

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