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    Hi, I have naver done any editing of any kind on my computer before, but have old video's that I would like to convert over to DVD and also edit.
    I have older home videos that look easy to edit using Windows Movie Maker, which is fine, but I also have a lot of sporting events that I have taped off tv over the years that I would like to sort through and categorise.
    My Dad converted a video tape of mine onto a DVD and I was hoping that I could load it onto my PC, edit out all the adverts etc and then save the clean edited version back onto a DVD for my collection.
    However, Windows Movie Maker does not seem to recognise these files to load up and subsequently edit. Can anyone suggest what I do in this instance? The files seem to be in a format called video_ts.ifo, and there are also bup and vob files. Can these not be uploaded and edited using Windwos Movie Maker?
    I would be grateful of any help I can get in being able to edit these tape to DVD conversions so I can edit out all the stuff I don't need on there.

    Thank You

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    There are two ways to do this. Either get a home dvd recorder and transfer all your tapes onto blank dvd's. If they are VHS tapes then the question of quality doesn't come into play. After you have copied onto the dvd's, finalise them so the computer dvd drive can see the files.

    The ones you are looking for are the vob files, each should be about 1GB in size. These are the video files that need to be converted to avi, a freeware converter such as SUPER C or MPEGStreamclip will let you open the vob files and convert them to avi's which Windows Movie Maker can work with.

    The other method requires a mini dv camcorder with analogue video and audio in sockets and firewire out. You connect the video out and audio out from your VHS deck to the camcorder and connect the camcorder to your computer (needs a firewire socket) and you use the camcorder as an analogue to digital converter. Open up Windows Movie Maker, make sure the camcorder is being picked up and press play on the VHS deck and start the capture in WMM. It's a bit fiddly and you need lots of connecting leads and the correct sockets so the home dvd recorder might be easier.

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    Thanks for your advice.

    I do actually have a home DVD recorder. So, do I hook up the VCR to the DVD recorder to transfer, or do I just play the VCR on the TV and record the channel with the DVD recorder? This presumably will take the real time video tape duration to copy? As opposed to burning disc to disc?

    When my Dad has converted a tape onto DVD for me then, I guess I can't use that DVD to load up and edit elsewhere?

    What about these adapters that say you can connect your VCR to the computer and transfer your video tapes onto the computer, could I then edit them on the PC?

    Sorry for the questions, but I've nevr done anything like this.

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    Just connect your vcr to your dvd recorder using the standard cables unless you vcr is a super vhs model in that case use a s-video lead to get the higher quality picture. If your vcr is just standard vhs then use a composite video lead and run the audio from one to the other. Rewind the tape to the start and put a blank recordable dvd into the dvd recorder and set it to the highest quality recording in the menu.

    When the blank dvd disc has been initialised you can then hit the record button and then the play button on the vcr. You should get about an hour from each dvd disc so keep an eye on the timer as you approach 50 minutes and be ready to hit the stop button. If you let it run on the disc will stop and you won't be able to finalise it and waste a disc and an hour of your life. So try and time the recordings so you get everything on the disc that you want inside 50 to 55 minutes.

    You don't need any adapters, they won't give you any better results.

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