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    Getting a bit bored of virus emails (probably not) from conform@c o n f o

    Out of interest, anyone ever got a virus email from one of my various addresses aparently from me? Got one from purejammy a few weeks ago. Ahh, the wonders of viruses. Or is that Viri?

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    lol I once had one arrive in my ISP email inbox from a domain that I owned. Needless to say I slapped my own wrist and reported myself to my hosting company

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Interesting that you got a virus from me. I remember a while back I went through a phase of getting (spoofed) viruses from young millsy. Really worried about it I was even though I am anti-virused to the hilt. You're probably right that the senders addresses are spoofed. Its also likely that at least one of the forum users has been hijacked.

    I shall send you a pucker email just to make sure.

    Incidentally the plural of Virus is Viruses.
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    PJ: I think that's 'pukka' (makers of my son's favourite pies, known to the rest of the family as 'Puker Pies' - the pies, that is, not my son...) Or is it an email pursing its lips as if about to kiss someone?
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