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Thread: Recorded video, i want to cut my self out of it.

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    Default Recorded video, i want to cut my self out of it.

    Hi, me and my friends recorded a couple of videos today, but i want to cut myself out of it and leave my friends in it. is there a video software i can buy/download that have this ability? thanks!

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    er.. not really.

    Yes you can get cut people out, and there is software that does this, but you really would need to:

    1. have recorded everyone against a blue or green screen first, otherwise you have to rotoscope yourself out of every frame (look up rotoscope on google. rotoscoping is not for the faint hearted!)

    2. have an empty background pass with nobody in it - or else you have a person shaped hole where you were

    That stuff is pretty advanced compositing, and there isn't any software you can use to click "make that person invisible"

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    That is a complicated special effect that requires time, effort and planning to do, before the film is made, not after it. If you did cut yourself out what would you replace the space with? Did you record empty background plates, do you know how to do rotoscoping, would you be prepared to spend days drawing masks point after point in After Effects? Was the camera on a tripod so you could use locked off shots and maybe a still image could be put over the area where you are standing or sitting using a split screen?

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