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Thread: Action movie flashing/Domino effect

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    does anyone know how to do the action movie domino style, but definatly not as intense just the flashing, more along the lines of Taken, on Sony Vegas Pro 8.0?

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    You mean domino the film about the Lesbian bounty hunter ? One of my favs.

    That film is edited to the max - like a tv advert. It relies on many techniques to achieve that effect.

    Posting a question like how do i edit like domino makes about as much practical sense as asking how to paint the mona lisa.

    Basically all you do is watch and copy.

    So many different tricks are used it would be daft for me to waffle on.

    I suggest you ask a more specific question related to the look of domino.

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    Start with very fast cuts - add jump cuts - h held camera with lots of deliberate moves - high contrast - green hue to high sats I think - lots of graded colour overlays - flashes to white - more - it really is very compex and dense.

    Funny how Tony scott's films are the opposite of his brothers, Ridely Scott.

    Top gun v blade runner anyone ? - lols.

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    awesome man, seriously thanks a lot, i've been trying to figure that out forever

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    well i know they used all different cameras, crank cameras at different speeds and all that

    i asked more along the lines of taken, where its flashes/high contrast

    but whenever i try to edit like that it comes out pretty funky which is why i asked

    so calm down pal

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