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    I am looking to buy my first professional camcorder, something inexpensive that I can use to until I have the money to upgrade.

    I have used a Canon GL1 and have been looking into getting one of those, but I thought I'd check here before I make a concrete decision.

    My budget is between $500 and $1000 (eBay) and it needs to be pretty versatile. I want to shoot short films, both indoors and out, as well as some sporting events. I will also edit it on a PC, so it needs to have the appropriate outputs. A microphone input it also necessary.

    Obviously I am looking to get an standard definition camera because the pro HD cameras are still expensive.

    So any information would be a great help. Even a website that gives me a list of all the professional SD camcorders would be useful... That way I can check their prices and features myself and decide from there.


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    A canon gl1 is a fine camera that produces lively vibrant vieo but it isnt a professional camera.

    At the top end of the consumer market we find 'prosumer' - these cameras are made on the same production lines as everyithng else but are usually near the top of the comsumer range and may have functions such a zebras ( essentail for setting exposure manuall ) and occasionally xlr mic inputs and other things.

    Its a bit of a con really and probably invented by ad men.

    Professional cameras are completely different beasts and most people would hate them i suspect.

    Heavy, expensive parts ( 200 upwards for a bat charger ), no auto focus, no steady shot, no lovely chimes, no pretty stickers - but you can brain annoying tossers at drum and bass gigs with pro cameras and they still work afterwards.

    I am not a loon - tried to steal said camera / cosh.

    I like pro cameras so I shoot on DV SD - Shooting on DV in no way stifles my creativity.

    When it comes to making good films the camera is not the most important thing. You are.
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    Thanks for your input.. I probably should have been more clear about the "professional" part of the of the description... I am not looking for anything truly professional, just some thing better than the JVC handy cam I've had for 3 years.

    So would you recommend the GL1 for a good "prosumer" camera of can I get something better for the price?

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    Just noticed my typo - pro was poor - lols. Fixed.

    Other cameras you may considor are xl1 / xl2, pd150/170, pdx10.

    Canons seem to look a bit bright and vivid woth more jaggies, somys appear a bit softer with less jaggies - in a nut shell.

    xl1 and pd150 often cheap but a gen behind xl2 170.

    I have used a gl1 and nearly got one a few years back.

    Watch out for insane prices on e bay for good sd gear - it may be best to look in other places too.

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