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    Hi this is my 1st proper go at sonyvegas 9 platinum eddition (free trail). The sound effect of the combadge is eddited in after as well. Im going to buy the full version of the platinum at some point. You can tell my 1st try's by watching the others :P

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    Dude - crack on - you just got into editing ? In that case that was very well done.

    To do that you will have had to get your head round several basic ideas about using the software.

    Not so sure about the look on the face tho -

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    hehe thanks.

    Yeah ive been learning the last 10 days non stop and watching loads a youtube tutorials.

    My brother said the same he couldnt stop lol when he saw it lol. Also im older then i look. I better get practicing acting lol.

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