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Thread: Help - would like to set up my system to record and play TV

  1. Default Help - would like to set up my system to record and play TV

    I am currently thinking about making my pc also work like a TV and I was wondering about what I would neet to do that.
    I am guessing I would need a card with both TV Tuner and TV capture ability? TV Tuner for watching TV and the TV capture card, for recording things right?

    I would then probably also need a cable from my aerial, the same which plugs into the back of my tv, to plug into the card? Or would I have to have a tv connected?

    I am very unsure about all of this and would like some info and confimation on what I just said. Any and all extra info is also appreciated, on this sort of setup.

    PS 1 - I'm a firm beleiver in buy cheap buy twice, hence i don't want something so professional that i will not be able to set it up.

    Any responsesd would be appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation

    PS 2 If anyone can recommend soemthing that would allow me to record videos ie VHS to the PC, so i can get rid of the VHS and a selection of 20 old kept videos that would be great.

    I really do not know where to start in terms of hardware and software. ( ie playing the TV and recording or does this come with the card )


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    I tried that once but I gave up.

    I found the 2 things - PC / TV - were best kept seperate.

    However some of my friensd swear by this media centre thing. One has all his dvds on a huge drive in the machine. I prefer the romance of picking of the shelf - lols.

    Cards available that decode freeview from an aerial signal, also cable and sat cards are around.

    Avoid analogue only cards as the signals are getting switched off soon.

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    I've had good results with this.
    Only really is useable if you plug it into your main house Ariel... so you might want a longer coxial cable.
    However, once you've got it set up its great, pause, rewind, record live TV with great picture and sound quality
    That's by no means a high end card, so spend more on some high-end Hauppauge cards and i'm sure you can get even better results.

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