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Thread: JVC GR-DVL355 Transfer to PC

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    Default JVC GR-DVL355 Transfer to PC

    Hopefully somebody out there can help. I am all new to this and have recently moved over to the States and my PAL Camera will obviously not work on my NTSC TV (sound only)
    So is it possible to connect my JVC GR-DVL355 utilising the DV out (iLINK) via a JVC iLink Firewire DV Cam Cable into a Firewire PCI Card and then utilise some Video Software to download my movies onto my PC and then copy to DVD/CD?
    The answer is probably yes! But just checking with the experts before I go ahead and spend money and open up my PC to install card etc.
    Thanks in advance, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, you can do a software conversion of PAL --> NTSC, and your PC will not be picky about whether you feed it PAL or NTSC.

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    Thanks for reply but my real question was wether the JVC GR-DVL355 was capable of transferring movie data to PC so that I can make a DVD of it all.
    Also what is the best (cheapest) video production software to use?

    Also is it possible to buy a Firewire to USB Convertor cable so that you can just plug in the DV iLink into a spare USB Port?

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    there was a link to this:
    in this post in this section for a Firewire to USB2 cable.

    But you might aswell buy a cheap PCI Firewire card which will probably cost less and was designed to do the job.

    As long as you can get the DV footage onto your computer in DV-AVI format, which you will do with a firewire cable, you can knock out a DVD pretty easily.

    If you've got a DVD-writer then it will probably have some software bundled with it that will do the job, like Sonic MyDVD or something, also if you buy a firtewire card from Pinnacle or something it will also have some basic software bundled with it.

    If you want better software for editing there's loads of choice, try out the demo-versions of the packages from the major players websites to see what suits you best.[/url]
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    Thanks will probably buy a PCI Card and cable and try it from there.
    Have SONIC My DVD Software on my PC as part of the bundle so will try that as well.
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