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Thread: Firewire card and cord. HELP PLEASE!!

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    Default Firewire card and cord. HELP PLEASE!!

    I have just purchased my Sony Handycam MiniDV camera (thanks for the help guys ), and I now need a firewire card and cord.
    I bought both a card (3 port IEE 1394 PCI Host adapter), and cord (6 pin to 4 pin) in a bundle for around $70. I later realized that this was most likely waaayyy more than I should have paid (I just got home from the shop, in fact).
    So, I did a little research to see if I could find a better price. Of course, I did. However, the find is SO cheap, that I'm wondering if it's even the same thing.
    Here is a link to the product, so you folks may be able to tell me that either "this is a steal, and to buy it right away", or "this is something different that you don't need, and keep looking".
    Thanks for any input. Ultra Products 3 Port PCI Firewire Card (2 Ext/1 Int) ULT31342: Electronics

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    Yeah same thing.

    Firewire is firewire.

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    $70 is way over the top for a PCI Firewire card and cable, more like $30. Yes, the card shown on the link you provided is a 2 port Firewire card with 1 internal Firewire connection, the large silver piece on the card. So it will do the same job.

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