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Thread: Getting file on dvd without quality loss

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    Default Getting file on dvd without quality loss

    Hi, first off i would like to say i am new to this forum and video editing.

    I need to put 20 1 minute videos onto a DVD loop.

    I have accomplished doing all of this except each 1 minute video is about 1.4GB the disk only fits 4 GB!

    These are being rendered out of After Effects without any compression and then burnt with Roxio.

    When I use Divx Pro to compress the files the quality is horrid once it gets burnt to the DVD! it brings the file to about 6MB though.

    Is there are better way to compress the video without so much quallity loss?

    Thank you!!

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    I think you are confused about when and why to compress.

    Render the ae project to a lightly compressed format - I suggest SD DV.

    Then import this file into a dvd authouring program. This will compress to mpeg dvd stream and compose the dvd.

    The best quality you can achieve with a dvd is std SD res and a max bit rate of 10 mbit/sec.

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    If you use Encore to do it then it will do either an 8mbit or 9mbit in standard def video.

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