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Thread: Best Friends - T.R.G. Productions

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    Talking Best Friends - T.R.G. Productions

    Original comedy/rap by TRGProductions. Kind of stupid, kind of funny. Recorded on a Mac laptop using the built-in webcam. Audio was recorded using Rockmand USB microphone. Edited using Garageband and iMovie. Enjoy!

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    I threw up after 10 seconds.

    Rather obvious pubertal you tube dross.

    Reasnobly good dross tho

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    I suppose that can be taken as a compliment. XD
    Appreciate the view.

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    I thought it was rather good.
    The visuals were simple but we could see everything we needed to (often people record & edit stuff with very expensive kit but forget that the main thing is for us to see things)
    The sound was clear. I could hear it and understand it.
    It was amusing and vaguely intelligent.
    Sort of petered out. If you have no big ending, or anything new to add, about a minute is the maximum this will sustain - especially on YT.

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    Yeah we figured that our next video would accomodate a bit more of a story line, and a chorus that is a little more exciting.
    Appreciate the view!

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