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Thread: Burning HD into normal DVDs.

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    Default Burning HD into normal DVDs.


    I use Canon hf s100 and edit its .mts files using Sony Vegas. I shoot on 24p cine mode at maximum quality (mxp 24 mbps).
    There are so many different formats for working and rendering, but I want to know which one is the best for finally burning onto a dvd.

    The problem is, i have to send the footage to a university in about 3 days. I still haven't completed it. Please help me by simplifying the terms as I'm really not that tech-savvy.

    Can i burn directly from vegas? or do i have to use dvd architect?

    Please help.

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    Vegas doesn't burn to DVD - you need to use a DVD authoring package (such as DVD architect)

    Simplest (once you have your edited film on the timeline):
    1. Render the video in DVD friendly format
    File | Render As: MPEG-2 :
    Template: DVD Architect (PAL version or NTSC Version, widescreen or not, as appropriate)

    Note: This will render the VIDEO only
    2. Render the audio in DVD friendly format
    File | Render as: AC3

    Note in steps 1 and 2 give the file the SAME NAME (eg MyMasterpiece)

    3. Open DVD Architect
    Start a new project as a Single Movie DVD
    Select the Video you created in 1 above (the audio file will autmatically be added as well - that's why you gave them both the same name)

    4. Burn DVD

    1. I have NOT mentioned HD at all because, as you are no doubt aware DVD supports standard def only.
    2. I didn't say this was the BEST way of doing it, only the simplest - and by simplest here I mean the easiest to describe/fewest instructions
    3. A better method would be to FIRST render as a standard definition AVI (Video for Windows) file, then create a new project containing just that file from which you would render the MPEG & AC3. This would (a) give you a decent quality standard def "master" for archive purposes and (b) make the rendering task a little easier on the computer.

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    For best results if you are making the film into dvd it would have been preferable to avoid progressive shooting.

    I am guessing you are a film student if you are shooting progressive.

    At 24 frames interlace will give more precieved vertical resoloution and be far easier on the eye with pans / movement.

    Progressive on video, unless it is a good camera and you shoot within its boundaries, is a bit lame really.

    However, 50p is another story.

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