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Thread: Strange Green mess appearing on import

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    I'm trying to import some home video clips in MPEG format into Premiere Pro CS3. When I Play the mpegs on windos media playerthey are fine ith no problems, but when I import them into Prremiere Pro CS3 I keep getting a horrible green mess flashing up all over the clips.

    Has anybody got any sugestion to why this is happening? It is happening to all the clips.....I have tried 4 different clips.

    I've attached a scren shot.

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    Premiere Pro and MPEG files don't like each other. They fight like cat and dog and you have to convert your mpeg into something Premiere likes such as an avi file. There are many converters such as SUPER and MPEGStreamclip1.2 which I use a lot myself, you also need QuicktimeAlt1.81, download it first and install it. Then install MPEGStreamclip1.2, run it and open your mpeg file in it and go to File->Export to AVI and in Compression select the Apple DV PAL. You will also need to select the other settings in that window and at the bottom right corner click on Make AVI when done.

    Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows

    Download QuickTime Alternative 1.81 -

    Both are freeware, you might also want to download the latest K-Lite Codec pack (Full Version), just do a search for it as it is widely available and install it too.

    SUPER is also freeware, again widely available.

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    Many thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.

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