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Thread: Analog to Digital in Mac

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    Unhappy Analog to Digital in Mac

    Hi, I'm new, so please be nice

    I own an iMac in which I want to transfer all my old VHS and 8mm to.

    I've tried to do it with my Pinnacle Video Capture for Mac, but after a few minutes importing the image turns unviewable. Is like it looses sync. That is, like two low quality differente images playing on the same time.

    Same thing happens either with my old Sony 8mm and with a video player.

    Also, is the Pinnacle the best option or I should use something else?

    I want to get the best quality possible.

    Thank you in advance for you help.

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    I am not a a to d converting expert but my limited expirience is that many catpure soloutions are not that good.
    I note your point on quality, SD will be more than adequate.

    You have several options - fix what you have, but my PC crad ceapo thing never worked right.

    1. Get a DV camera with a video in. This will then digitise and output via cameras fire wire in SD DV format to your heard drive. If you go that route there are may v cheap used dv camera on e bay. Anything by canon with an i at the end of the name will do. There is a link to a list in the camera section I think.

    2. Proper way maybe - get a Canopus ADVC-50, about 150. Covertor box - highly regarded.

    3. Get a dvd recorder with analogue video in. This amy be easiest if all you want to do is archive the tapes with no editing. Many recorders can transfer direct to dvd from an analogue video input.

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