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    Default songs for dvd slideshows

    I have lots of photos and always make all kinds of slideshows andi'm looking for songs that u could classify as like friendship songs. if ya know of some put them up. it doesn't matter if they r directed more towards relationships, ie. Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars, cos it can sorta be applied to friends as well without being viewed as gay, faggy or stuff like that. if you're going to post comments like that, i'l get in now and tell ya to keep comments to yourself. i get enough of those comments at schools, so i'd rather not have it here too please.

    so if anyone has some good ones,
    i have detailed guides of how to make a slideshow withe music on my blog,welcome to visit,if you have interest.

    about how to LINK REMOVED.
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    Right, lolmeo or yomin or whatever your name is - Mark warned you about multiple links to your 'blog'. Link now removed and a weeks ban for taking the p.

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