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    About 7 years ago I started filming in night clubs with basic camera equipment, which quickly progressed to the purchase of a XL1s and PAG lighting gear.

    This progressed into a small business and I have many many hours of raw footage filmed in clubs around the UK.

    My business went bust and a number of tapes / events remained unedited. I decided this week to see what it would be like now to edit one and what the outcome would be like. I used to spend 3 - 5 solid days on a single video matching up perfect music and visual sequences, these videos tended to last from 5 to 20 minutes.

    I edited this one in 3 evenings and I'm quite happy with the results. I've made it quite short, I don't need to stretch it out as is was only for a bit of fun.

    The use of the HQ button is recommended.

    Comments appreciated.


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    Bummer - your business...

    You have certainly captured the vibe. Dont people look funny on drugs ? Makes me wanna go clubbing, well nearly - I dont enjoy looking like the girls dads who i am perving at.

    I did some club fiming last year - that sweaty camera thing is a nightmare.

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    I'm still paying off the 25K debt..... :(

    People on pills love the camera, it was easy to film and the DJ's loved the free promotion. We got hours of interview material too which I can't use as the interviewer has a 'respectable' profession and can't be associated with this stuff anymore.

    A few of my other clubbing videos are under my YouTube account... if you're interested.

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