Thanks to you all for being here/there and a warm hug to the people/person that started this site.

My name is Mike and of advanced age. I spent most of my life fixing computer systems at IBM and my wife and I were always avid photographers.

Well we are into video and with the new cameras we can actually afford a camera that gives high quality digital output.

What we need is advice on buying a camera. Our budget is around $1500 to $2000.

The things that caught my eye is the Canon HF11 Panasonic SD9 Sony HDR-XR520V

What I would like is a camera that is also HD and has a real connector for a microphone (not RCA) - the actually video must be good enough to put on our local TV station and look PRO-ish enough that we can do interviews with busy people that would not think we are wasting their time.

Anybody giving us "interesting information" can use the yacht over the weekend.

All advice welcomed as we are just starting.

Wishing y'all a damn good wekend full of fun.