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Thread: I give up! Recommend video streaming server

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    Default I give up! Recommend video streaming server

    I give up on trying to get the Quick Time video on my website to load faster than 48 seconds. I have asked everywhere and lots of nice people have told me what they thought I should do, but nobody could tell me how to do it.

    So I am ready to pay.

    Will some of you nice folks recommend a streaming video server that will not cost me an arm and a leg? I want one who will help me and give me advice. If they are not willing AND ABLE to give me advice I don't want 'em. Note: I talked to a sales person at and he complicated my life even more than what it is already.

    Here's the background:

    I edited my video in Premiere 7.

    I embeded the following code into an html page and uploaded to my websitge where it plays nicely, but it takes 48 seconds for it to load.

    <object width="320" height="256"
    <param name="src" value="" >
    <param name="controller" value="true" >
    <param name="autoplay" value="false">
    <object type="video/quicktime" data="" width="320" height="256">
    <param name="controller" value="true" >
    <param name="autoplay" value="false"

    This is a wedding video demo and nobody is going to wait 48 seconds to watch a demo. If anyone is interested in checking it out here is the link to my wedding photography website:

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    I use dataflame and have done for 7 years and have no complaints.

    They can stream at 4 meg no sweat to the uk from thier us servers.

    However, it may be naive to expect a vendor to give anything but the most basic advice.

    I worked out how to do video on web sites by brute force and by reading the code from other peoples web sites and stealing bits that worked how i wanted.

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    First of all before you go looking at the expensive options, is there anything wrong with using a site such as youtube or vimeo?
    You can customise the embedding options and it is just about guaranteed bandwidth.

    If these are not viable, I can tell you what I used to do when I hosted video but it's not the easy option.

    I used to have a dedicated server running windows server 2003, on this server was windows media services which is used to stream videos or audio to multiple viewers. It can do many things which I won't bore you with, and the media has to be prepared as a WMV file but the advantages are that you can encode your video file with multiple bit rates to accommodate viewers with different connections. This will answer your problem, but you either need someone to set it up for you... or you need to start reading about it.
    Once it's setup you can just drag and drop videos into folder and link directly to them from your website... or embed Windows Media Player in your webpage.

    I may have confused you further for which I apologise.

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    Default LIVE HD and pre-recorded streaming


    I read your post and checked the website you posted. I am doing LIVE HD streaming on the Internet and I can show you my demos if you are interested.
    I am using a broadcasting software and my HD video camera to stream LIVE and also sometimes I play pre-recorded content. The way to do pre recorded streaming is to connect an external machine (like DVD player) to the computer and have a tv capture card installed.
    Then play from the DVD player directly to the website with the software I told you.

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