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Thread: 4:3 footage crop to 16:9

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    Default 4:3 footage crop to 16:9

    I have a pretty simple problem, but I can't seem to solve it.

    I am using a Canon GL1.
    It has the 16:9 mode that stretches out for post 16:9 editing, and obviously I cannot have a correct visual reference.
    So I shot the entire documentary at 4:3 regular format, but with physical electric tapes to crop for 16:9 (which I got from inputing a widescreen format movie on the camcorder LCD) or imagine the 16:9 in my head through the eye piece.

    Those were not real problems..

    My biggest problem is at Adobe Premiere Pro editing.
    I have created two black bars to see how the footage crops on screen.
    Everything looks awesome, just the way I wanted!

    I will be creating this in 16:9 on DVD with this 4:3 DV footage.
    I do not want to put two graphic black bars on top and bottom with 4:3 format.

    All preimere widescreen format is built to work with the camera 16:9 stretch technique.. (which I didnt use..)

    I just want to truly crop my 4:3 to 16:9
    where there is just nothing on top and nothing at the bottom. (not creating black bars)

    Smaller file and for 16:9 TV

    I tried to swtich format from (outputing to DV) to (video for windows)
    Video for windows is the only option that allows dimension size change.
    example 720 X 480 to 720 to 300?
    But with this method, I cannot output to DV quality or it gets compressed and modified in so many ways...

    I have also read up on

    I have a lot of footage to be edited, and all of them needs some cropping adjustment vertically to crop properly..

    Should I create the entire final with top and bottom graphic bars then go to TMPGenc?
    Would it change the quality of my footage in anyway?

    I can't begin my editing...

    Help <:( ?
    Thanks ALL!


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    First off, I'd shoot in 16:9 next time if I were you! Makes life a lot easier.

    It's easy to convert your footage to 16:9. I'll use VirtualDub and the MainConcept DV codec:

    1) open up your AVI file: File > Open

    2) Add the resize filter: Video Filters > Add > Resize

    3) Set the resize to the exact dimensions of the orginal (720x480 I think in your example)

    4) Click Cropping, move the Y1 and Y2 offsets to crop the top and bottom black bars

    5) Click OK until you get back to the main screen.

    6) Select Video > Compression and click the mainconcept DV AVI codec. Click configure and tick 16:9 and the OK

    7) File save as AVI and input desired file name.

    You now have a 16:9 AVI. I outlined the same process using tmpgenc in my previous guide to get straight to 16:9 MPEG2.

    The steps are:

    a) crop black bars
    b) resize to original dimensions
    c) change pixel aspect ratio to 16:9

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    Default Thanks Peter

    Hey Thanks Marc,

    I took a break from capturing just now.
    Thanks for the reply and your help.

    I was also thinking about the never ending discussion about making DV footage look like film.

    I came across this software that crops and provides that film look.



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