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Thread: my video takes too long to load

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    Default my video takes too long to load

    I have a short three and half minute demo video on my wedding photography website.
    I edited it in Premeiere 7.
    I put it on my website by embeding code into my html document.
    480x720 px
    It runs ok, but takes nearly a full minute to load in Quick Time.
    I don't think many people are going to wait a full minute for a demo to load.
    Is there anything I can do to speed up the load time?
    If anyone would care to check it out the link to my wedding website is:
    Los Angeles Wedding Photography, Long Beach, Orange County
    Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

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    I just took a look at it and downloaded as well. Seems to be nothing wrong with the file itself but you are rught...takes an eternity to start.
    Either your service providers is really slow... not likely because the site loads very nicely or check to see if there was a setting you chose when creating the file.

    What you are looking for is some setting at the point of creating the file that dictates that the file should not begin to play until fully downloaded.

    I did notice that when the file started it was fully loaded when what you want for speed is the file to load sufficiently to commence play then as it is playing keep downloading the remainder. i.e. Streaming.

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    I should think so long as your bit rate is 2 mbit or less it whould stream well for everyone.

    Personally I pref wmv for such things as the payer is pretty much ubiquotous.

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