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    Just got my blob going. It's about 'the human side of video editing' if there ever was one. Politics can mean the difference between starvation and binging in this, inevitably, the blog deals with clients, client relations, and will have tips for clients on how not to enrage your editor and look like an idiot, and vice-versa. Just a couple of pillar posts so far, but I've been cutting everything from hip hop videos for puffy to world wildlife videos for the main panda for the last 15 years and I have a lot of mayhem i need to get out of my system....
    Please check it out:

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    The Editbubba

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    "... Would a writer describe him-or-herself as a “Microsoft Word Writer?” Not in a million years! Why? Because people with talent don’t want to be reduced to the level of the dumb tools they use to create. You are an EDITOR, and maybe a MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER, .... "

    From your blog - i agree.

    We get lots of posts from people asking what s ware to do x or fx to do y as if the apps did it all for you.

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    I will definitely stroke your gusset, but in the meantime i'll make sure to check out your youtube channel. Thanks for the encouraging response.

    This was a good while back, but I remember the owner of a post facility I worked at making fun of a resume from "an Avid Meridian editor." The point was well taken and I never forgot the implicit lesson - it was very liberating to see myself as an editor rather than an avid jockey.

    I also witnessed my ex-partner threaten to kick a client out of the edit room for a similar reason ....the guy was an artist working with the director and, having found his way into the edit suite, was trying to control every little aspect of the cut. He kept repeating, "i know you guys are great technicians," obviously implying that we should leave the 'artistic' choices to him. I could almost see the steam rising from the top of my partner's head (i was doing motion graphics and he was editing at the time). Suddenly, my partner turned around and told the guy, "if I hear the word technician come out of your mouth one more time, I'm gonna kick your f$#@ing ass right out of this room."

    The guy protested but the point had been made. It had taken us 3 days to edit 30 seconds of a Mos Def music video with him in the room. When the director realized what was going on he got rid of the guy and the rest of the rough cut was done by the end of that day.

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    ^^^ funny.

    Same things happens even when its non commercial ' app piloting ' .

    I no longer speak to a certain person who was once my friend.

    He thought he was excellent doing funny things for the camera - and he was very rarely when he listened to my direction. That was bad enough, but one when we were editng stuff together....

    He said to me once that it was really hard to explain how he wanted things - ( he wanted ! ) - needless to say every decision he made was a crap.

    " can you quicly show me how to do simple cut and pastes so I can edit " - he says. Yea right - how about I teach you to think, then in five minutes you can be Friedrich Nietzsche.

    We nearly fell out over that - the final straw was when he called me a fascist cos I said I thought it was sad that fox hunting got banned. Actually I just like horsie types, and foxes are ( best not get into that maybe.... )

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