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Thread: New contest ideas?

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    Default New contest ideas?

    I know the winner hasn't even been announced for the current one yet, but I had an idea for the next one

    A 30 second freestyle film.

    You have to make a movie that is exactly 30 seconds long. No more, no less.

    Either that or a 1MB video competition. Make a video that stays under a 1MB file. Your choice of compression, bitrates and length, as long as it stays under 1MB

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    Keep em coiming Mr Mike.

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    Keeping in with the "limitations" theme, a 160x120 resolution video...

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    Or a video with only people under 5'6"?

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    A three-scene film.

    Make a film that uses only three static scenes. WHen I ssay "static" i don't mean noone moving, I just mean three backgrounds, filmed on a tripod or other makeshift flat surface.

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    An interpretation of a script.

    We get someone who is a competent scriptwriter to write a very simple script. Not any specific subject, background or ambience, just the words.

    Then, the script has to be interpreted by the contest entrants in whatever way their mind works.

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    Working on your "small" idea, how about a film designed for a video phone?

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    People tend to be turned off by something that pigeon holes then to a certain genre etc. I think we'd need one that's open to a lot of interpretation.

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    Let's have a competition to see who can come up with the most offensive, "politically incorrect" abusive film

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    How about a colour theme? 'Red', for example...

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