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Thread: Vegas 8 - Compositing (2 videos merged together)

  1. Default Vegas 8 - Compositing (2 videos merged together)

    I usually use Vegas 8 for the time stretch feature, I overdub stereo soundtracks over old music footage with great results.
    However the question I ask is how do I merge 2 videos together?
    I don't mean a simple fade out and fade in, imagine having imported 2 seperate videos, lets say they both last 5 minutes each.
    Between the 1 minute and 2 minute point I want the 2 videos to merge 50/50 so although I get the audio from the top video (mother) however I want the video from both.
    How do I set the time for the compositing between the 1st minute and 2nd minute?

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    Easy - just set the level on top track lower.

    Add a composite level envalope and key frames to taste.

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    I pulled the level down of the top video (please see link below) and the videos are merged, it's the envelope bit that's confusing and the Vegas instructions are vague.
    From the picture what exactly would I have to do to merge say the videos together at the 1:25 to the 1:40 on the timeline bearing in mind that at 1:40 I would want to go back to the top video 100%.
    Shouldn't the level line I pulled down on the top video be able to bend on the timeline like the fade in fade out option?
    Am I missing something??

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    What you're showing there is the composite level that applies to the WHOLE track.

    To enable the compositing envelope, right-click on the TRACK HEADER (the bit to the left of the track) and choose Insert Envelope | Composite Envelope

    You now have a new line that you can double-click on to create keyframes which you can drag up and down to your heart's content.

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