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Thread: dido - life for rent (Extremely NO BUDGET -- $0.00 Music video)

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    Thumbs up dido - life for rent (Extremely NO BUDGET -- $0.00 Music video)

    [ame=]YouTube - dido - life for rent[/ame]

    dido - life for rent (Extremely NO BUDGET -- $0.00 Music video)... we did this music video fro $0.000000... just post your comments...

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    hay.. and the "i'm alone" video series continues!!! here's the newest release...

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    I lasted around 60 seconds, so maybe a little bit of variety in what you shot is needed.

    (Extremely NO BUDGET -- $0.00 Music video)
    On the fact it cost nothing are you saying time costs nothing, I would assume this took some hours to put together, and my strongest advice to you is stop doing free stuff.

    Even stronger advice if you want to survive here take the time and peruse other peoples work, comment and be a good forum user, of late there has been literally a endless stream of tube spammers here.

    You even have a link to your other video in this thread, great networking, read the above statement to see why it's not working,

    Update, and I see it's gone as its a breach of the rules.

    I was wondering how long this would take..!
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    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    As far as it goes is ok - I do like the look of the video - the colours and stuff.

    This would score well in a competition called ' sexy babes on a bed rolling about a bit ' . Just a bit dull - less clothes next time - hee.

    As for no budget - and? We are all no budget film makers here. Except time - that is always high budget, and that is the essential for any good film.

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    It's quite a nice video. Why? Well, turn off the audio and you have ... nothing really.

    Without the music we have.., as Mark puts it a sexy babe rolling around on a bed a bit. I'll give you it's a bit more than that, I'd add .... and is very thoughtfully trying to write a letter. But that's it. No real narrative.

    It works well to the music.
    Possibly very well.
    But no budget?
    As rollingstock comments - only if your time costs nothing.
    And of course the soundtrack (the important bit) didn't cost nothing, did it?

    I like your post processing and I like your shots. I'd like to see what you could do with a plot and a script.

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