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Thread: Covering an area?

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    You see on videos like on the news, where they blur out someones face. How is that done? I can get something on there, but it won't move with the video. So if the person walked from one side to the other, how do I get it to stay covering?

    I understand each software is different, but generally how is it done? Examples?

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    You have to keyframe it. As someone moves across the screen, you have to animate the graphic or mask to make it move aswell. So you would set an X co-ordinate keyframe say at 0 and then at the end of the movement you would set another X co-oridinate keyframe to say 360. When you play the clip back the graphic or mask will travel from 0 to 360 or from the first keyframe to the next. Or if you want to move the graphic or mask up or down then it is a Y co-ordinate keyframe.

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    But won't that just move from one side to the other? What if the person moves around alot and it has to move all over the place?

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    Yes the info I gave above was a basic demo on how the keyframing works, if the person is jumping about all over the place then you will be doing a lot of X and Y co-ordinate keyframing.

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    Ok I will check it out. My software has keyframes and an X & Y. Just have to figure it out. Thanks

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