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Thread: My first wedding video

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    Default My first wedding video

    I am looking for comment on this video.

    It is a wedding i did for my cousin, it the first time i have done one properly i borrowed a Sony Z1 and decent radio lav mic ect.

    I really enjoyed the day and would like to do more of them.

    So please feel free to leave any comments you have, the bride and groom loved it but i need a more informed response.

    Thanks in advance


    [ame=]Glen Kates Wedding Video on Vimeo[/ame]
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    Rule number 1
    never have titles that are better then the video.

    then the rest...
    what is the video trying to tell me?, a first dance , flash backs, what?
    Jump cuts on the window on the left
    mainly long shots.
    Hose Piping of footage

    Don't give the day job up yet
    get some formal training, there's more to video then meets the eyes or ears.
    There's tax, insurances, copyrights, T&C's etc
    Help as a second camera operator.

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    cheers for thoughts. taken on board the idea was to show highlights of the day, a split screen seemed to be a nice way to do it.

    One quick question you mentioned hose piping please explain more.

    I understand the legals ect i freelance at the moment.
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    This is an example of how it should not be done. I have been known to be too honest with my comments and it can be taken the wrong way, but this is poor.

    Where to start. I think you need to learn the craft before you enter into the world of weddings.

    Learn how to use a camera, how to hold it steady, how to edit etc etc.

    As Z Cheema said, don't give up your daytime job.

    Hosepiping is exactly what it says. Imagine using your hose to water your garden, what happens to your movements!

    I may add tromboning to that list.

    Don't be discouraged. This is honest advice. If you want to be patted on the back for a first attempt it will not come from me...sorry.


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    If my friend or uncle Sid had made that for me i would be over the moon.

    If I had paid money I would be mad as hell.

    You have shown you have the bug but enthusiasm with video often leads to excesses in the edit - but no end of cleverness will not make up for bad raw video. Editing should usually aim to present video in a way that is seemless and enhances the viewers enjoyment of the video.

    Screwing the aspect ratio and squishing everyone into an irrengular lozenge shape underlapping another tiny dreary shot is not going to do that.

    Split screen is about 100 times harder to pull off than full screen and never overlapped randomly in a strnge forced 3D space.

    As a rough guide a wedding vid really needs to have the same feel as the titanic - sure you are not James cameron but it needs to look swish like a film with lots of perfectly framed formulaic shots. See the trouble the stills guy goes to...

    Seems to me everyone thinks making good video is easy - actually I think it the most challenging creative thing going combining sound / video and temoral considerations. Then weddings are perhaps the hardest of evetns to do on top of that.

    Hosepiping - waving the caera about aimelessly. Every shot should be composed deliberaltely.

    Tromboning - zoom in / out / in. It is a good rule to use zoom for framing ONLY and never zoom in shot - unlees you have really planned it.

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    Your title is awsone !
    But yea .... try to have more close up, all the video was in the same and dont put all the video in a graphic.
    Aslo use a tripod
    Television Technician
    - My Videos -
    Sorry for my bad english im french

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    I presume the intro was a bought in jumpback or similar.
    Everything everyone has said needs taking on board and putting into practise on your next few weddings. Tripod/video light for 1st dance and see if you can buy a really big bag of anticipation. Familiarity soon builds a big bag if you can afford to wait though.
    Well done on being brave enough to not have a hissy fit at the reactions too.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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