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    OK so me and my friend are kinda new to video editing We are doing a mini project together just for YouTube but we want some cool effects to do during switching clips. We are doing the video based on TV but when the video finishes we want the effect where (on an old tv it would) where it would go to a small line and then a small circle then nothing (if you see what I mean). Basically could someone maybe gimme a link to a video where this is included or something??

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    What editing software are you using?

    Most packages with keyframe editing can get you this result

    You need to be able to independently scale the vertical and horizontal.

    Set a keyframe where you want the effect to start. move forward about 4 or 5 frames and set the vertical scale to 2% (In FCE you can do this with the distort parameters, in AE you can use the scale parameter.)

    Now move forward by another 5 frames and set the horizontal scale to 2%

    This will give you the collapse to a dot but you can do better. Set the timeline to the point at which the vertical scale starts to collapse and set a keyframe for brightness move forward to the keyframe where the vertical is right down to 2% and rise the brightness until the image is completely blown out. Now as the sequence plays as the image collapses to a line it also becomes completely white.

    If your NLE has a GLOW filter add that. Set the glow amount to 0. Keyframe from 0 at the point the line starts to collapse and bring the glow amount up so your line is glowing. (In FCE I had to render and export my footage and then re-import it to get the glow filter to work, but in AE use an adjustment layer.

    Final bit. set the playhead to the point at which you have your glowing dot. Set an opacity keyframe. Move forward about 12-15 frames and set the opacity to 0. Now your dot fades out over around half a second.

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    well I wonder if that was helpful at all to the one post wonder.... I even went to the trouble of doing this before posting the answer.

    [slaps head] try-not-to-be-so-helpful [/slaps head]

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    Hmmm, irritating aint it.
    I am thinking of a work to rule by my ego lets me down every time.

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    It is irritating, but advice like you've just offered WILL be of help to someone else - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime it will.......(so not totally wasted.

    I suppose one way to deal with first time posters is to respond with a one liner (eg. "Do you really want to know? Just say yes to prove you've come back to look for an answer")

    Then if we get a response we know there's a better chance the enquirer will come back to look for an answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkOneMusic View Post
    well I wonder if that was helpful at all to the one post wonder....
    Well it was helpful to me... maybe not today but, at some time it will be useful to me. So, don't worry about the selfish one-post-wonders, think about the others who use the information.

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    Thanks MarkOneMusic for the technique, we're really eager to try this.

    Sarah & Allison

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