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Thread: "Stop to Smell the Roses" (2009)

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    Default "Stop to Smell the Roses" (2009)

    [ame=" 234"]Stop to Smell the Roses Video by Brandon Brown - MySpace Video@@AMEPARAM@@ pace@@AMEPARAM@@services/media/embed@@AMEPARAM@@aspx/m@@AMEPARAM@@56797234[/ame]

    This project was quite interesting. It was my first project in which I filmed entirely by myself.

    The premise of the film is simple, and is explained in the title. Though I use it metaphorically, the roses (that all should stop to smell) show up for a brief cameo before the action picks up.

    I wanted to do this film in response to the world we're living in today. There's too much hussle and bussle. Too many worries. Everyone's on the go, and no one's taking the time to enjoy the very simple and natural things in life. These simple things could include a sunrise, or a still lake at dawn, or buds sprouting from the trees as summer begins. In this type of world, I think we all need to "stop to smell the roses" every now and then, just to remind us that we're living life.

    The economy's gone crazy, you're probably swimming in papers at work, or worrying about gas prices, or maybe even worrying about your mortgage. It's all understandable. I think most of us are going through something like this in these tough times. Give yourselves a break though, even if it's brief. Enjoy the little things in life. Enjoy the sun as it bobs its head over the horizon every morning. Enjoy your family while you have them. Or just sit back and enjoy your morning coffee with cream and triple-the-sugar before you go to work.

    The signs (perhaps literally) are all in the film, and I hope I kindly pointed you in the right direction and got the correct message across through the use of Edvard Grieg's beautiful composition.

    I hope you all enjoy! I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks a bunch.

    - Brandon

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    No comments or suggestions?

    Did it suck that bad? Or wasn't interesting enough? lmao

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    OK, I'll have a go....

    I'm sorry Brandon, but this really didn't work for me.

    I anticipated we were going to be in for a hectic montage of hustle and bustle with accompanying frantic music/audio which would then be brought to a halt and followed by the more serene scenes. The message having been effectively delivered.

    We weren't: but that's not a problem - why do the obvious?

    Instead we got the serene stuff first. "Ah-hah" I thought - this is an interesting take. Start with the serene - and they're mostly shots of sunrise/dawn - maybe this will lead into a frenetic day (to be followed by a stop & reminder of the serene or whatever) but it didn't. Or maybe it did, but it wasn't obvious to me.

    The hustle and bustle shots that worked were the speeded up people and a number of the static shots (traffic lights, shares index, for sale sign etc). But most of the moving shots (traffic, feet walking along the sidewalk) just seemed quite relaxing - presumably not the effect you were after.

    Virtually all of this was down to the music (though even watching without the music, they don't come across as busy enough to me). Trying to give the impression of hustle and bustle against the soundtrack of an adagio movement would be a challenge for any director.

    It just goes to show how difficult this film producing can be. The concept seemed simple enough and you had plenty of ideas. But I'm afraid that for me this version didn't work.

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    Thanks for your input, Tim.
    I really appreciate the comments, and I'm sorry the film didn't work for you.

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    a little slow for my taste, but had some good shots, really liked the sped up one of the people walking

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    Quote Originally Posted by oilmanrich View Post
    a little slow for my taste, but had some good shots, really liked the sped up one of the people walking
    Thanks for the comment, oilmanrich!

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    I see what your doing here.

    For a short video it has a really slow BLACK GAP start, sure that sets up a mood, fine if it's a three hour feature, not on a short.

    To be quite blunt here this video would work better if hauled into 3 minutes, sure it's running time is set to the music. Lots of what I call double up shots..two sunrises at the only need one.

    Maybe the fact I did not have the time to STOP and look at the video means I am completely missing it's message.

    Good luck.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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