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    Hi new to form. I purchased a Panasonic palmcorder SDR-H60P/PC, in October and have videoed 10 soccer games. Video software that came with unit is Video Cam Suite 1.0 .

    In the processes of editing the best scenes I Could only hold or store 5 games ,I then purchased a portable storage f drive. Problem if I copy the video from the c drive and paste them in the f drive The videos leave the video Cam Suite software and I cant figure out how to put it back in even if the video is not deleted from the c drive, I have the target folder set to the c drive folder.

    I have moved most of the videos into the f drive and when I created the f drive target folder in the video cam software that the videos and my pictures are in , Only the picture's are accessible not the videos. I would like to access videos that have been removed from the program but are still on the hard drives.

    XP version 2001.00 GB ram, videos in hard drives are in MPEG2 not sure what this Menes, also there what looks like the edited play lists but I can not open them like i can the MPEG2 videos.

    Panasonic tec cant help they don't know why I cant access the videos in f drive or replace videos that have left the VideoCam Suite I can only load new videos from the palmcorder into the VideoCam Suite.

    Best Buy People suggest that I need better software they want to sell me Adobe Premiere elements 7 100.00 dollars should I switch software It took many hours to get this far with this software In this video world it seems that a video created with one software might not be compatible with another. Sorry about all the questions maybe some one could recommend a site that would explain the termanology. Thanks DAN

    ( randon paras added to aid reading - - mw )
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    Dan, may I suggest you insert some spaces in your post as this is very hard to read.

    Unfortunately the free editing software which came with your camera may not be as fully featured as you'd expect. I'm not familiar with Video Cam Suite but by the looks some of the screen shots it's very basic.

    I'm assuming the original footage is still on tape? If you can't import it from the hard drive can you recall it back from the tape?

    Consider looking at Vegas or Adobe Premiere elements as an alternative, there will be a learning curve but we all had to learn.

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    The video suite does not allow accessing files from networked drives, so it might be that. If at all possible put your files back on C drive and see if they are accessible then.

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