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    Last year two friends and I thought it would be good fun to make a video about Parkour (free running) in Lincoln. We can't do Parkour, but that didn't stop us.

    Lets be clear, we have the upmost respect for the people who have this skill, but most of the Parkour community are unable to see the video for what it is and have commented as such, while others love it.
    For this very reason this video is posted under a second you tube account instead of my primary one.

    The film is in two parts, the interview and the run itself. I recommend the use of the HQ button.
    My role in this was director, writer, camera, editing, FX.... well everything apart from acting really. I'd be interested in hearing some critique if anyone has 10 minutes to spare.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lincoln Parkour[/ame]

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    Far too long (which is. I suppose, in the spirit of bad documentraties) and very enjoyable. You've clearly studied the parkour documentary film style and managed to include just about every type of shot and effect. Though it clearly misses the massive wide angle/fish eye.

    Some wicked skils on show.

    Funnier than the film (though really it saddens me) are many of the comments on YouTube.

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    we had to cut it down so much, we could have made a 30 minuite short..... thank god we didn't.

    We filmed on a tight budget, getting my car clamped mid shoot didn't help either.... so fish eye lenses were a no go.

    The youtube comments are certainly something.....

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Quite a few laughs in your film, good selection of shots and well thought out. The effects may have been let run riot a bit, I can't ever remember seeing a star wipe in a film before, so that was a surprise. The film tended to go flat around the 50% way, you had a good opening, I liked the interview, the end could have been stronger but I was looking for something to happen at around 4.30 to 5.00 as your film looked at the start to be a W format but was more of an L format. W where you have a big opening, then half ways through another major event or turning point in the narrative and then a big finish at the end to basically say thanks to the audience for watching your movie. If you could structure your next movie to be a W format it would pick up the audiences interest at 50% of the way through. It was also too long, some of the running scenes were not needed.

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    Thanks Nikosony.

    The star wipe was on the instance of Graham (one armed freddy) who wanted at least one star wipe. It's a long standing in-joke. If he had his way, it would be full of star wipes.

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    The star wipe was a minor gripe, the structure and length of your movie need to looked at if you are going to keep the audience interested for 10 minutes. If you haven't hooked the audience within the first 30 seconds they will be reaching for their mouse to click on the stop button. The same has to be repeated half ways through and you need a pay off at the end.

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    I would agree, looking at the you tube insight stats most people dropped off or fast forwarded to the end.

    Lessons have been learnt on this project.

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