Hi all

I am a composer/producer based in Brighton, England. I have written scores for BBC docs, BBC Radio Drama, commercials, etc., have worked as an orchestrater/arranger/music assistant on many projects and currently work for a number of different production music companies.

I am currently trying to raise my profile as a film composer and am looking to put together a strong showreel.

If you are making a short film or have any project that would require decent commissioned music I would be very interested in providing you with that soundtrack. It is often something that is overlooked by many film producers, but when used properly can really enhance a films dramatic impact. I would also be very inexpensive - so take advantage while you can.

Visit Welcome to Cormac Dorrian's website to have a listen to some of my music and you can contact me via the website if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

C x