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    this is my first post. Im not too familiar with camcorder models but I have been asked by my local football club to record their matches. I have been using a JVC GR-D728EK Mini DV. Not the greatest as I have to zoom in which brings down the picture quality etc. I am looking for a good camcorder to do the recordings but that won't break the bank!!! Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Mini dv is good, what do you mean by the picture quality goes down? Are you standing really far away from the action? If you are, then you need a tripod as camera shake is magnified when you zoom in. Putting the camera on a tripod will make a big difference to the quality of the shots you record. Also does that model have a socket for an external microphone? If it does then get an external microphone as the inbuilt one won't be any good for picking up sound such as when the players are slagging off the ref (lol).

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    Thanks for the reply!!! Yeah the shaking is bad when watching back, i will look into a tripod for sure!
    I was also thinking of hiring a camcorder for one day something professional a bit bigger, also does the lens size make a difference? On mine it says 64.4mm, would a bigger lens on a mini DV make a big difference? Thanks.

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