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    I just finished creating a painting with Photoshop, and used the program 'Camstudio' to record my screen as I did it with a loss-less codec. I rendered that original video to my desktop with a .avi format, then attempted to edit it with Vegas 9.

    The editing consisted of making using some intro and outro transition effects, adding in another video file to the beginning and speeding the entire video up to turn it into a speed painting video that I could post elsewhere.

    After I finished editing, I tried to preview my work within Vegas, which played in a little box in the top-right of my screen. The preview mode I was using was 'Preview'>'Full', and everything played out as I wanted it to, without a hitch.

    But when I changed the preview mode to either 'Good' or 'Best', the preview would be messed-up. The audio worked fine, still, and the added video at the beginning did, too. However, my actual painting part after that had a large majority of the video blacked-out, only certain parts of my screen were recognizable.

    This completely obstructs and ruins the video, and when rendered, the same effect occurs. It appears as if all the white regions of the video have been turned black.

    How could I fix this?
    Thanks for your time, regards,

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    Please post a screen grab of your workspace and your Preview Screen.

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    . .and BTW, you DON'T have Vegas9. You WILL have a "flavour" of Vegas but not straight Vegas 9. Vegas (Pro) 9 comes out 11th May.

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    For some reason, when I try to load my project, Vegas stalls as 36% and seems to crash. Anyways, opening the same file in a new project, things look like this:


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    Can you post a view of the time line too?

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    Absolutely. I tried to post the pictures earlier but the entire reply didn't go through. I'll see if this one works before trying again, 'on a bit of a tight schedule here I'm afraid.

    Anyways, I managed to make a low-quality video by using the same screen recording program to capture the preview section of the edited video in Vegas, then using another editor. The preview window still had to be on a low-quality mode, though.

    EDIT: Seems to work, here it is--
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    My take on this? Well, I think that Vegas is gagging on the Lossless. I think Vegas CAN read it but that it is just too much for it. The fact you can read/see it in Preview - albeit at the lower setting indicates to me that the CODEC for this LOCSSLESS is working, but that there is just TOO much of it for Vegas. Don;t forget Vegas is keeping "other" balls up in the air at the same time - where "another" NLE might not be. Maybe choosing another CODEC template from the capture software would have been a way to carry forward.

    I notice your Project settings are NTSC. Is this the same settings for the Capturing software? Meanintg is your project set correctly to the Media you are using?

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    Actually, my recording software was running at 50FPS now that I look at it, which is neither PAL (25FPS?) nor NTSC (29 if I recall correctly). Maybe this is the source of my problems.

    I'll test it out and post the results.
    Thanks a bunch to everybody for their input, by the way.

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    Are you using the loss-less codec from the Camstudio website? First time I used it I somehow managed to have record/playback framerate set to 200fps.

    Playback was a total dog (to put it mildly) but whatever playback settings I chose there were none of the issues your preview window shows.

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