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Thread: Help - AVCHD Player - Getting an 'Initialization failed' error message

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    Default Help - AVCHD Player - Getting an 'Initialization failed' error message

    Dear all. Desperate here, can anybody help.
    We have bought a Panasonic HDC-SD9 video camera to video our baby son.
    We have captured some footage, however when we try and play this on our computer (via HD Writer which came with the video camera), we are getting the error message 'Initialization failed' and we cannot play them.

    Interestingly, we first tried to open this footage with Windows Movie Maker (Windows VISTA) - we could see it via Movie Maker but could only burn approx 2 mins onto a DVD for some reason.

    We have since taken some longer footage and have successfully been able to open\play\burn it in HD Writer on the PC (not using Windows Movie Maker) - almost as if going through Windows Movie Maker that one time has converted something and made it impossible for us to 'convert' back?

    We know the footage is there as we can view it on the camera - we just can't take it off the camera onto another medium ie. computer, dvd etc. in order to play it - and now we can't even see it on Movie Maker.

    We are novices and are desperate. Has anyone had this problem before please that could suggest something?

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    AVCHD is still a bit of an unknown quantity when it comes to video editing - ideally you could do with having a look at some evaluation software of video editing programs - my personal preference is Adobe Premiere Elements, but a few people on here would probably recommend the budget version of Sony Vegas too.

    Have a look at the freebie evaluations and see what you think. If you like it - buy it

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    As Mike says I believe vegas is ok with AVCHD.

    Editing AVCHD you will benefit from a modern PC. If your pc is not nearly new and has four cores you will still be able to edit avchd but the editor may not be as responsive as you would wish.

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