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    Greetings all,

    You dont get posts like this very often, does anyone know how i'd hook up a video tape player to my computer and capture the footage onto the computer.

    Why? you may ask.

    Well like a big geek and much to the dispointment of my girlfriend I snapped up a bargain former BBC professional video camera from what must have been the early 1980's at a carboot today for price of a pint. It has a huge rear section that sits on your shoulder and houses the VIDEO TAPE and a tiny lense. Frankly its in shit condition but it does work

    I'd like to have a gad about taping some stuff but have no idea how to put it on the computer.

    any helps appreicated

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    P.S I only assume its former BBC as it has a BBC sticker on the outside of the box and on the camera battery.

    I am not trying to big it up or anything as it is in SHITE condition


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    I doubt it's VHS if it's a 'professional' camera the BBC used. Depending on what connections it has, composite, s-video, bnc connectors etc you might be better connecting it up to a home dvd recorder, copy the tapes onto blank dvds, finalize them and then put the discs into your computer. Once in the computer you can copy the video files (vobs) onto your computer hard disk. You will need to download a video converter to change the vobs to avi files which are more easily edited using Windows Movie Maker or any of the higher end editors listed on this forum.

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