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    hi all,

    i have just installed cs3 but its not picking up audition (1.5) and the link to soundbooth is greyed out (because i don't have it guess).

    can you not edit sound in audition using cs3. seems strange as soundbooth is a lower spec program than audition??

    please help


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    welcome to the world of progress....

    soundbooth is rubbish

    audition or cool edit pro is brill

    withing Premiers pro on CS 3 you now have quite a lot of audio editing options, most of the ones you would have used in audition so you dont even have to leave the program now....

    you can always export the audio file as a wav then edit in Audition and re import...but as I say most of the features are now directly available in Premiere great, if like us, most of your audio editing involves, gain, NR, enhancing and reverb ( we do a lot of music/live gig DVDs)

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