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    Since i've been making videos, I started releasing them as DivX. Then I added MPEG to the list. I've usually given people a choice.

    Last vid I released, I noticed that the vast majority of people were downloading the large MPEG file, over the better quality and smaller DivX file.

    I want to give people a choice on what to download. My criteria:

    - More than one format
    - A version more suitable for people on dial-up.

    I was thinking of having 3 choices:

    - One MPEG one, probably about 20MB
    - One WMV about the same size, maybe 18MB or something
    - One WMV about 8MB

    It's for a video that's probably going to be about 6, 7 or 8 mins long.


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    I know it's something that you would like to do but I suspect that very few people running dial-up will be downlading video files - or are they?

    Makes me wonder whether we should really be catering for them anymore.

    e.g. My comp entry is about eight minutes long and I couldn't get the WMV under 30Mb if I wanted to keep some sort of quality. I kept getting all sorts of artifacts during horizontal movement. Even then I was not so happy with it as some of the details are not so clear as I want them.

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    My stats from the BigWetDoggy download frenzy that happened in september:

    small 3.9MB DivX - 1566 downloads - 8.8%
    large 7.4MB DivX - 6527 downloads - 36.7%
    8.7MB MPEG - 9662 downloads - 54.4%

    For some reason, I can't get into my stats program to have a look at how the other videos fared :-/

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