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Thread: Need help with home video editing question

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    I'm new to video editing and have been reading some of the threads. My project is to edit my old home videos. I have a couple hundred hours of video tape from 1980s and 1990s. I have transferred them all to my Panasonic E-85 DVD Recorder and burned them onto DVD disks. Each disk has a "Video_TS" folder and the various *.IFO, *.VOB files. I bought a Seagate 1.5 terabyte Xtreme external hard drive and copied all of the DVD disks onto that external drive. I own an HP 6715b laptop, using Windows XP. It has an AMD Turion 64x2 dual core processor and about 2 gigs of RAM. Now comes the question. I want to modify these video files by cutting, splicing, adding audio, titles, etc. Nothing too fancy. I realize I do not have a powerhouse PC. Is this even possible on my current hardware? What software would be appropriate for my project?

    Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by connorfranks View Post
    by the SOUNDS OF THINGS, it seems that windows movie maker would do the job (its already installed on windows, but im sure you knew that).

    IF you wanted to go maybe a step further, you could consider Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but for your needs I personally think that WMM is best.

    All the best.
    Thanks Connerfranks. I tried WMM, but it did not recognize *.IFO or *.VOB files or "Video_TS" folder. Do I need to convert these files? If so, how? Or am I doing something wrong with WMM?

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    yes you need to convert them. you can use vlc for this.

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    Windows Movie Maker does not recognise .vob files which are the actual video files you want to edit and stick together. You need to copy the .vob files into a folder on your computer hard drive and using the software suggested above you can convert them to something much more editor friendly such as .avi. Then you can open them in Windows Movie Maker and edit them.

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