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Thread: Horizontal lines problem after capturing Mini DV

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    Default Horizontal lines problem after capturing Mini DV

    Hi all,

    any help with the proble described will be appreciated.

    I bought a Mini DV camcoder Sony HC-52, this works fine and nice, I recorded a few tapes, played on TV and looks very well.

    Now I am trying to capture this to my PC to build a few DVDs and I have the following problem:

    I tried to capture with Sony Vegas, WinDV, Premiere, Canopus Edius, etc... and I always got horizontal lines when reproducing the captured AVI, below an example:

    I can see this lines appears after the video is captured, using firewire.

    I am using WinXP and Firewire card VIA, Pentium IV 1.6G Ati Radeon 9600, 1 GB RAM.

    Any help on how to solve this will be appreciated.

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    thats the common problem with the dv avi codec, it's interlaced. if you play it on a tv it should look fine, you can always convert it to progressive of course although i've never bothered.

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    Thanks, do you know how to change the dv avi codec ? I burned on DVD and in TV this same lines appears, so I think the problem is when video is being captured.

    Thanks for your help.

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    it could be the way the video is captured. now i think about it the dv tapes use dv compression. To be honest i never really noticed them, have you tried making them progressive?

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    I have no idea how to make progressive or de interleaced... or how to replace dv codecs, please any help, thank you!

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    The video needs to be de-interlaced when you go to Export to DVD if using Premiere.

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    Let's just claify. It's not a "Problem". It's by design. Your camera records interlaced pictures. This is how TVs always worked. And still results in smoother pictures where action is concerned. (Google interlaced for details)
    Your TV expects interlaced pictures and thats why it all looks OK on the TV.

    If you want something to display on a computer, you'll be using something like WMV, MOV or whatever. WHen you create a file of that type from your editing suite it will produce a de-interlaced file (probably without you even worrying about it)

    So, why are lines appearing on your DVD? Are you using pan and crop maybe? If you are, this means you are zooming in and hence the "lines" on the source don't match the "lines" on the output and you'll see them. The answer is to capture. Apply a "deinterlace" filter and then create your file for burning.

    However, only convert to progressive (de-interlace) if you really need to. If you're going from MiniDV to timeline to MPEG-2 to DVD without any Pan and Crop, you shouldn't need to do anything.

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