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Thread: video camera for filming in nightclubs / on tour

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    Hi there, just joined this forum as I was hoping people with better knowledge of video camera could give me some sound advice. I'm a House music DJ / Producer, that tours various countries at the weekend, playing in nightclubs. Recently, I decided to start recording video's of my tours, so took out my really cheap sony cybershot (DSC W150) video camera, and shot videos while on the road, then pieced the video's together using imovie (very simple, no nonsense way of doing it). Now at times, the results can be great, if the lighting is ok, but in general, any club shots end up being very dark. I'm interested in upping the quality of the videos now, so would like to get a camera with a bit more clarity (doesn't have to be HD as most of these videos are only for uploading to youtube and vimeo). It would be great to have a mounted light, and the last requirement would be a microphone as good as the one on the sony cypershot. I doesn't matter how loud the music is that I'm recording, it NEVER distorts. Any other model of video camera I have used has just distorted as soon as it went into a club. I don't know how it does it, but I like this feature and want to keep it! I upgraded a few months ago to a Sony HD camera (not sure of the model) but the microphone was not the same as it distorted very easily

    here's an example of a video i've done

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    i have worked whit the sony ex1
    Small camera, good HD picture, semi-low budget.

    For the sound ... you need something manual.. you need to control your volume level manually since the auto mode dont work. Look at your mic too, maybe a omni sm48 would to the job in the club.

    Just go to a professional store or contact a professinal equipements rental center, they will give you the information and the stuff that you need.
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    ex1 - budget??? At 4500?? You won the lottery ???

    Also low light perf on the ex1 may be restrictive.

    If you dont want HD considor a used SD DV camera.

    A SD res CCD has larger pixels so each collects more loght, hence v good low light sensitivity.

    How much do you want to spend.

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    I guess my budget would be about the 1000 mark. Anything more than that would feel a bit over the top for me. Not sure if you can tell from the example video's, but the sound from the clubs is normally pretty decent considering its straight from the microphone on my digital camera.

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    I suggest trying whatever you like the look of in the club just to see if it works ok in the low light situation.

    I would considor sony hdr hc1 - it is HDV but I have seen it used in clubs when i was filming.

    Used pd170 - prosumer SD and will be fine in low light I am sure.

    Used pdx10 or pd100. Also sony - pdx is the pro version with better mic and input options.

    Canon HV30 is well liked here - also HDV, 600 but again best to check l light perf.

    XL2 - used SD, maybe a bit huge for your purposes.

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    Hi I would you should go for Canon. i Feel you its picture quality is too good.
    You can try Canon it will work in low light situation also.

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