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Thread: The Final Stage!

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    Bandwidth took a hefty battering in the first two days of the videos being posted (23,008MB). Not really sure what happened, but six IP address from Australia took up half of that with nearly 3,000 requests. Strange.

    Anyway, if you take out those 3,000 incomplete requests, we had 500 complete downloads upto last night. So each video has on average been downloaded approximately 70 times.

    The quality of all the videos has been exceptional and each has had well received comments. Mike has already ventured some ideas for the next competition, and I hope all of you will be able to enter next time.

    I've also received a few emails of apology for registered entrants not being able to get their entries in within the deadline, but I understand that for all of us this is a hobby we try and fit around those million and one other things we should really get done.

    To encourage more people to register (and submit!), I'll probably think of a few 'motivational' events in the months leading up to the closing date. Might be nice to get a calander up for example. Or having a series of deadlines for each stage: first month register the concept, second get your script done etc etc. I think at least one of you learned the pleasures of storyboarding/scripting, so I know Mr Mills will be happy to write a tutorial for that deadline.

    Finally, can those that submitted all send me your t-shirt sizes

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    I really enjoyed watching the entries, and making one, and I hope the next comp' is bigger and better, well done Marc for doing something really positive and interesting.
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