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Thread: Budget Camcorder for Chroma-Key

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    Default Budget Camcorder for Chroma-Key

    Hi, and thanks in advance for the input.

    I manage a small web development firm, and we are getting into shooting short transparent videos for websites.

    We have purchased Sony Vegas 9, and a greenscreen package with lighting and all ($250 Square Perfect).. it was a great deal.

    My personal camcorder is the panasonic sw-20.. waterproof but not a great match for chroma key.

    Can anyone give me some input on what camcorder under the $200 mark would be good specifically for Chroma Key.

    From what I've read, I need a low compression, ccd, and a decent lens system.

    I know that under $200 is stretching it really thin, but for web quality, I should be able to pull it off.

    Here are some of my options:
    Samsung SC-MX20
    Canon ZR800
    Samsung SC-D965
    Jazz EMHD183 8MP HD Digital Video
    Panasonic VDR-D50
    Samsung SC-DX103

    Also, can anyone please explain the difference in compression. I know recording to a sdhc card is highly compress... is it the same for hard disk? I'd rather not go for dvd recording, or is it the best option? how about mpeg4?

    Thanks again

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    I guess I'll just pick out of a hat then... I don't know much about this compared to most of you

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