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Thread: 90 sec footage D5000 and D90

  1. Default 90 sec footage D5000 and D90

    just posted it, the low angle shots are done with the D5000, the rest with D90,
    video looks identical, like the ergonomics better on the D5000 for video, the slant of the AE lock button is very practical. I just wish the LCD would be bigger.

    hope you enjoy!
    thanks for looking.

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    I would comment on your video but I cannot seem to get Vimeo videos to playback at the moment. The grey bar goes all the way to the right, the screen goes black and then nothing. Have they changed anything on their site recently as it has been a few months since I was last on it?

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    no, sorry to hear that, no one else has reported a problem yet...

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    very nice mike .... reminds me of an AD. just had a look at your vids on Vimeo, loving the NYC subway vid

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    thanks enc!

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